Advanced safety technology for military applications

AmSafe applies its engineering expertise to develop innovative restraint systems for military applications. These unique restraints incorporate the most advanced technology and are designed to reliably protect military personnel in severe environments and areas of conflict both on and off the battlefield.  AmSafe restraints are found in both vehicle and aviation defense applications worldwide. AmSafe utilizes in-house engineering expertise in vehicle dynamics and the operating environment to test, configure, and apply its proven seatbelt technology to unique military applications.

AmSafe restraints endure rigorous dynamic testing to replicate real-world situations. All AmSafe restraints are designed for improved survivability, reliable performance in severe environments, and ease of use and comfort for the passenger. From concept through to production AmSafe restraints continually evolve to meet the distinctive demands of our military customers.

Key features:

  • 3, 4 and 5-point static and retractable
  • Multi point release buckles in rotary, dual mode, push button and lift release
  • Load-limiting retractors
  • Unique restraints for enhanced BLAST protection
  • Inflatable restraint technology
  • Pretensioner restraints – mechanical and pyrotechnic
  • Harsh environment hardware & retractors designed to reduce the introduction of debris

Ground vehicle support and service for:

  • Stryker FMTV
  • MRAP
  • Bradley
  • Pinzgauer
  • Land Rover blast seats JLTV


Military Crew Restraints Air Ground Data Sheet


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