Structural Airbags for Commercial Aircraft

AmSafe structural airbags have been in service since 2012. Thousands of structural airbag systems are installed on aircraft seats around the world. The structural airbag system offers the advantage of being invisible and inaccessible to the passenger. The airbag can be installed in seatbacks, seat structure, partitions, galleys or other aircraft interior structures.

AmSafe has designed and refined our structural airbag systems to meet the latest world-wide safety regulations. AmSafe structural airbag systems meet head impact, neck injury, head rotation, rebound, chest acceleration, neck and back point impact safety requirements. AmSafe patented airbag designs make the system safe for pregnant women, occupants in the brace position, full range of occupants including small children. The system can be disabled to allow child seats

Key features:

  • Airbag is invisible to passengers – hidden behind cover panel
  • No wear and tear
  • Custom designed for the application to optimize performance and integration into the structure




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