Up to 50 grams lighter than our traditional seatbelt

Our new lightweight seatbelt has the same patented performance qualities you have come to expect from AmSafe restraints. It has the same attach points as the conventional AmSafe seatbelt and can be retrofitted onto any airline passenger seat.  Using high-performance materials and design techniques, AmSafe has developed a passenger seatbelt that can provide significant weight savings when used throughout an airline’s fleet.  The lightweight seatbelt incorporates an enhanced version of our traditional teardrop buckle design. The new ergonomic style of the AmSafe buckle is perfectly suited for the modern seats and interiors of new aircraft and meets the state-of-the-art standards of 16g compliance.

Key features:

  • Lighter in weight as compared to a standard aviation seatbelt
  • Ergonomic lift-release buckle design
  • 90 and 30 degree buckle release
  • Available in polyester and nylon webbing
  • Over 150 color options
  • Can be retrofitted with existing seat attach points
  • Accommodates both premium and economy seats
  • Available with custom finishes, plating and logos
  • Meets TSO/ETSO C22g requirements





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