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The Global Leader in Aviation Restraint Technology

We are a team of passionate and dedicated professionals who are committed to providing the highest quality safety restraint products for the aerospace and defense industries.  Our products are used in both commercial and general aviation, military and civilian applications. We have designed and manufactured millions of seatbelts, airbag systems, multipoint restraints and other products that help move millions of people safely and securely in the air.  We have a state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing facility that is equipped with the latest technology and machinery. We have a diverse and multidisciplinary engineering team that covers various fields such as mechanical, electrical, software, aerospace, and materials engineering.  We also have a dynamic testing facility that simulates real-world scenarios and evaluates the safety and reliability of our products.

Our customer-centric and collaborative approach that enables us to meet the unique and changing needs and expectations of our customers. We work closely with our customers to understand their requirements, challenges, and goals. We also work with other stakeholders such as seat manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers, regulatory authorities, and service providers to ensure the compatibility and integration of our products.  We have a culture of continuous improvement and innovation that drives us to seek new ways to enhance our products and processes. We invest in research and development to discover new materials, designs, and technologies that can improve the safety and comfort of our customers.

About us

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About Us

Amsafe was founded in 1985 as an innovative solution for the aviation industry's need for high-quality seat belts and restraints. Here is a brief timeline of the history of Amsafe.
  • 1955

    An industry is born

    The company changed its name from Cummings and Sanders to The American Safety Corporation. (AmSafe for short)

  • 1997

    AmSafe invents aviation airbags

    AmSafe developed the first aviation seatbelt airbag system,

  • 2006

    AmSafe protects children in flight

    AmSafe received the first FAA approval for a child restraint system designed specifically for use on airplanes during all phases of flight.

  • 2012

    AmSafe acquired

    AmSafe is acquired by The TransDigm Group

  • 2019

    AmSafe launched its state-of-the-art restraint system (SOARS)

    A universal seatbelt airbag system that can be installed on almost any seat in almost any general aviation airplane

  • 2023

    The Global Leader

    AmSafe is the world's leading provider of safety restraint products for the aerospace and defense industries, with manufacturing operations and service facilities around the globe



Amsafe China

Phoenix, AZ USA

Our global headquarters as well as main office for engineering, quality, back-office functions and a state of the art high-volume manufacturing center.

1043 N. 47th Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85043 USA

Chongqing, China

High volume manufacturing for global customers.

Lot No. G43-4/01-2 Eastern Zone
Chongqing Liang Lu Industrial Park
YuBei District, Chongqing, P.R. China 401120

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