A State-of-the-Art Dynamic Testing Facility

AmSafe takes pride in the testing and verification of its products and has developed a state-of-the-art sled test facility with both a deceleration and servo acceleration sled system. Dynamic test protocols and procedures have been established to meet both customer approvals and industry regulations.  We have a 10,000 square feet of testing space in Phoenix, AZ USA with two operable sleds labs, including a 2.0 MN ServoSled with expanded instrumentation.

Our sleds include onboard high-speed cameras, lighting and expanded ATD inventory that meet the latest regulations for oblique and side facing seats.  We also do aircraft seat testing for structural integrity and occupant safety. We handle all test fixturing for most seats.  If your application requires specialized test requirements we can engineer, design and fabricate for all test designs

Sled Testing

Amsafe SOARS
Amsafe SOARS

FAA and EASA regulations compliant, AmSafe’s state-of-the-art sled-test facility conducts between 600 and 1,000+ dynamic tests annually. Its world-class dynamic test facility is so well respected that many OEMs, airlines and seat manufacturers contract directly with AmSafe to test their products. The Federal Aviation Administration has found the AmSafe dynamic test facility to be acceptable for testing of seats to show compliance with the seat dynamic performance standards found in the applicable Federal Aviation Regulations.

Prototype Testing

Extensive prototyping and testing is performed as part of the development process. Items such as the aviation and specialty seatbelts, and seatbelt airbags undergo rigorous testing to include: tensile strength testing, endurance, flammability, corrosion, smoke, toxicity, susceptibility to fluids and substances, temperature, humidity, etc.  In addition to material and component testing, full-scale product testing is conducted where practical. Along with dynamic testing, all the necessary documentation required by the regulatory authorities (EASA, FAA, Transport Canada, etc.) is provided for the certification of the products manufactured by AmSafe.

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