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AmSafe Expert Engineering

There is no substitute for experience

We have designed and manufactured millions of safety restraint products for various aircraft and vehicle applications.

At AmSafe, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers who are passionate about creating innovative and effective safety restraint solutions for the aerospace and defense industries.  This helps top make AmSafe a trusted partner of our customers around the world.

We have a diverse and multidisciplinary engineering team that covers various fields such as mechanical, electrical, software, aerospace, and materials engineering. We have engineers who have worked in the aviation and defense sectors for decades, as well as engineers who have joined us from other industries or academic backgrounds. We have engineers who are experts in specific products or technologies, as well as engineers who can work across different projects and platforms.

Customer-Centric Engagement Process

We have a comprehensive and rigorous engineering process that ensures the quality and safety of our products. We follow the industry standards and regulations for design, development, testing, certification, and maintenance of our products. We use advanced tools and software to model, simulate, analyze, and optimize our products. We also have a state-of-the-art dynamic testing facility that allows us to validate and verify our products under realistic conditions.

Our customer-centric and collaborative engineering approach that enables us to meet the unique and changing needs and expectations of our customers. We work closely with our customers to understand their requirements, challenges, and goals. We also work with other stakeholders such as seat manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers, regulatory authorities, and service providers to ensure the compatibility and integration of our products. We also provide technical support and training to our customers throughout the product lifecycle.

The engagement process begins with a thorough understanding of the customers’ requirements, and AmSafe’s disciplined program management ensures priorities and activities are tightly controlled. Its global engineering capabilities include the latest in CAD techniques and 3-D solid modelling (Auto CAD, Auto CAD Inventor and SolidWorks), test simulation and material and prototype testing. ANSYS LS-Dyna dynamic modelling / simulation along with special non-linear dynamic analysis package (PAMCRASH) and Sim –Folder are utilized. From raw textile to finished product, a team of engineers conduct thorough testing, from analysis to documentation, to ensure the safety and integrity of all AmSafe products. Along with dynamic and prototype testing, AmSafe also measures tensile strength, endurance, flammability, corrosion, smoke, toxicity, susceptibility to fluids and substances, temperature, humidity and more

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