Fire Containment Cover

Fire Containment Cover

A pallet cover that diminishes the risk of fire associated with shipping dangerous goods.

AmSafe fire containment cover provides cargo operators with a safer flying environment by mitigating the risk of serious fire caused by undeclared dangerous goods.

The AmSafe fire containment cover operates as a passive system which keeps a fire isolated from other cargo being transported on an aircraft. Designed for palletized loads, our cover is comprised of a patented fire retardant fabric with a detachable QuickZip pallet net, and can contain a fire with temperatures of up to 1500 deg F (815 deg C) for up to four hours. This combination of net and fabric cover provides a two-way fire barrier that effectively isolates each cargo position and prevents any fire from spreading and escalating. The AmSafe fire containment cover suppresses the localized threat through oxygen starvation.

The AmSafe fire containment cover has many applications but it is primarily designed for palletized loads being shipped in the currently unprotected Class E compartments found on the main deck of the majority of freighter aircraft. It is also intended to be used to protect the remaining Class D under-floor holds that are still in operation. While this is currently a voluntary safety improvement, AmSafe is actively supporting the development of international aerospace standards for design, performance and testing. These standards will form the basis of a future FAA Technical Standards Order for fire containment covers.


  • Contains a fire up to 1500 deg. F (815 deg. C) for four hours
  • Two-way barrier to fire
  • Fully certified restraint capability (TSO C90c)
  • Employs leading-edge material design and technology
  • Can be fitted and removed at all ramps using a simple deployment kit
  • Fitted with the patented QuickZip pallet net or lashing line pallet net
  • Polyester net contains flame-retardant compounds and a flame-suppressive coating
  • Designed for palletized loads on the currently unprotected main deck Class E compartments or under-floor Class D compartments of freighter aircraft